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Why Water Is Important With Food

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Why Water Is Important With Food

January 23, 2018 Counseling Psychology General Health Healing Life-makeover Nutrition and Diet 0

Why Water Is Important With Food

Why water is important with food is something a lot of people need to think about as they take drinks with their food and most of them hardly drink water at all or for some when they brush in the morning and at night or to rinse out the mouth.

They then wonder why they have constipation and can’t seem to pass out faeces and if and when they do, they are so hard like pellets and only a few drops while the tummy feels heavy and they are uncomfortable.

Why Water Is Important With Food

Rational and sensible thinking comes from a strong mind and the mind must be stronger than the body at all times.

We should understand that: the mind is a part of the inner core of man that uses the body.

It is this inner core that must be ready to take responsibility for all its decisions especially as they affect the body in matters of health and others.

Why Water Is Important With Food

Investigating Health Concerns:

When there is a health issue or problem that has caused ill-health, one investigates to find out:

  1. What is lacking in the person’s food
  2. What has been introduced to the body that is harmful to it

When one finds out what the problem is then the solution is to either introduce the substances lacking into the person’s food or take out the poison.

This involves a change in diet and/or life style.

Why Water Is Important With Food Why Water Is Important With Food

Many people are quick to say they cannot afford addition of beneficial food to their diet to correct an imbalance such as fruits and vegetables, nuts and whole grains and magic herbs.

These are all first class foods and food substances.

The body depends on them for maximum benefits and is to be more honest and quite frank – less expensive than constant medical bills and visits to the doctors and of the type that patient must pay if care is not taken.

How to Be Healthy:

If one is determined to be healthy; then rational and sensible thinking will enable him see the need and importance to spend more on fruits, vegetable, nuts, whole grains and drink water in large quantity to flush the entire body and keep it hydrated at all times.

Then the person will see the need to spend less on meat, white flour products, yam, and cassava products which cater for his carbohydrate and protein requirements.

If he is determined to get better and boost his health status, he would make the change and adapt it to his lifestyle.

Most people forget that natural laws are exact and cannot be cheated-upon /manipulated like the human law.

If the person changes the diet and after getting better decided to go back to their old ways then he health fails again and he finds himself back to square one and will have to do the change all over again.



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