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How To Attract What We Want Into Our Life

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How To Attract What We Want Into Our Life

September 18, 2017 Counseling Psychology General Health Healing 0
How To Attract What We Want Into Our Life

How To Attract What We Want Into Our Life

Attracting what we want or desire into our lives is really so simple yet how many people really get this or realize how simple it is to get what they want irrespective of what it might be.

I have such lofty dreams, goals and desires that are achievable if we set our mind and attention to it and realize that we can make it happen.

Remember whatever we desire or want in life once we set things in motion to make it happen they definitely will happen, nothing is as simple as that.

How To Attract What We Want Into Our Life

How To Attract What We Want Into Our Life

Changing our looks and changing ourselves:
1. Are you desirous of changing your look and appearance,
2. Are you overweight and would would like to look younger
3. Do you want to be fit and slim looking
4. Are you desirous a creating a “brand” for yourself
5. Are you desirous of meeting the right person
6. Do you want to make the next promotion
7. Are you desirous of getting that “job”
8. Do you want to be chic and elegant
9. Would you like to be admired as a “lady or gentleman”

How To Attract What We Want Into Our Life

How To Attract What We Want Into Our Life

If you answered yes to some/all the questions above, welcome on board. Fasten your seat belt and join me on the ride.

In order to achieve our desires especially in attracting he right spouse, job, promotion and creating a brand, it is important to project the right image/style.

Achieving the right image/style is easy and at the same time difficult but with determination it is easy and possible.

The steps to a great style and image are as follows:
Changing your diet

The right diet can do wonders for your body, image/style and boost your self-confidence immensely.

How To Attract What We Want Into Our Life

How To Attract What We Want Into Our Life

In some parts of the world especially in Africa, being chubby/fat is seen as evidence of good living and eating well while being slim/standard body weight connotes poverty.

Thank God times are changing and people are beginning to see and realize the truth.

Diet involves changes in your meals with the introduction of more proteins, fruits and vegetable.

How To Attract What We Want Into Our Life

How To Attract What We Want Into Our Life

The carbohydrates portions are drastically reduced and the end product is a slimmer and fit individual.

Obesity and Overweight:
Obesity and overweight people are everywhere and now health issues and conditions are driving people to hospital and herbal centers to seek solutions to the excess weight and reduce naturally to the standard body weight.

Except in extreme cases where gastric bypass is crucial to saving the person’s life, there are simple slimming procedures to get you in the right body shape.

Offices and Work places:
Offices and work places are no exemption as workers and employees are expected to be representatives of their various organizations at all times and to be fit and proper.

During interviews and job promotions, they are expected to be dressed fit and groomed well. People connote being fat and overweight to being sloppy and being slim and fit to be being fit and proper – what else can I say.

Marriage Betrothal:
I have encountered brides to be who come to us complaining of their prospective spouse giving them an order to “lose the fat/weight or forget about the wedding” and this includes celebrities too.

Who want to look like the “son” to his intended bride because she is overweight and he looks “small” beside her.

Same for the men, where the bride to be looks like the “daughter “because the man is overweight.

Moreover the females being overweight may have problem with “conception” in marriage and other health related issues/conditions arising from the excess fat in the body. The same goes for men.

Fat can block arteries and veins supplying blood and oxygen to major/important organs in the body like:
1. The heart
2. The liver,
3. The kidney etc.

It is well known that fried food and food high in oils, lipid and cholesterol like butter, margarine and other oils clog the passage ways for blood and fluids in the body resulting in conditions like:
1. Heart Diseases
2. Angina
3. Angina Pectoris
4. Sudden Heart Attack
5. Kidney and Liver failure and host of others.

The major cause of obesity/overweight is eating food high in sugar and calories which stores them in the body as glycogen.

The importance of herbal tea in your diet cannot be over-emphasized, the benefits of herbal or green tea as it is popularly called has been all over the news spreading like wild fire all across the world.

A Miraculous Healthy Daily Drink For Good Health.

Greenlife Royal Tea

All the electronic media have been agog with the super benefits of replacing the teas and coffees with herbal/green.

They are natural herbs grown on the fields, harvested and dried. They are then packaged without preservatives and when taken does wonders for the body and health.

They help you slim down naturally and trim away unnecessary fat deposits in the body especially on organs of the body. It also does a whole lot of other things.

Find out more.



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