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Health, love and life makeover


Herbal medicine

Health Diagnosis and Analysis:

This is a total system check- up with full body scan.

From consultation to treatment and follow up.

The whole process involves the client/patient being an active participant to determine the root cause of ailment, disorder or malady.

Herbal Therapy:

This involves the use of natural herbs, fruits, vegetables and tea in the treatment of ailment, disease, disorder or malady.

It also involves therapeutic massages which gently fine tune the body and restores normal balance and active body performance.

Detoxification Therapy:

Our everyday life involves inhaling chemicals, fumes and gases that contain dangerous combinations.

Detoxification therapy helps the body get rid of these unwanted elements in the body. This could lead to slow body performance and low output, malady and fatigue.

Exercise Therapy:

Exercise is a key component of healthy living, sound health and wellness.

At Franc Herbal and Makeover, we take exercise seriously.

We encourage our clients/patients to inculcate exercise into their daily life routine.

 Exercise helps to keep their bodies fine-tuned and running at maximum capacity all day and all year round.

The benefits are astounding.

They range from simple exercises like sit-ups and lifting small weight dumb bells to advanced ones like weight lifting. From the aerobics, cardio to complex exercises all according to body capacity.

Dietary Therapy:

As the name implies means inculcating the right food classes into our daily food intake to keep us looking good, feeling good and fit.

It involves the right amounts of

  • Fat and oil
  • Carbohydrates
  • Proteins,
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Fiber
  • Trace Element
  • Water

Fruits and Vegetables and even the right quantity of water to take daily.

Meal planning and rotation is very important.

The importance of adding fruits and vegetables to meals cannot be overemphasized.

Ration control is very important to avoid obesity and especially for those overweight.

Others include the following:

  1. Preventive Therapy.

We believe that “prevention is way better and much cheaper than cure” so in this course we follow a system of right adjustment in diet and nutrition, exercise and lifestyle changes to keep the body fine tuned at all times.

  1. Humor Therapy:

“Laughter they say is the best medicine for any ailment” laughter helps you find the balance between mind body and spirit, keeping all in sync and balanced.

  1. Water Therapy:

“Water is the elixir of life”, Our bodies are made up of about 90% water and it is the medium that keeps the whole human body running and functioning properly.

Come in for a chat and let’s get you thoroughly checked out!

You have absolutely nothing to lose but a whole lot to gain!

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