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A Miraculous Healthy Daily Drink For Good Health

Health, love and life makeover

A Miraculous Healthy Daily Drink For Good Health

July 31, 2017 Counseling Psychology General Health Healing 1
A Miraculous Healthy Daily Drink For Good Health.

A Miraculous Healthy Daily Drink For Good Health.

A Miraculous Healthy Daily Drink For Good Health.

Herbal medicine/study by the Chinese in pursuit  of better health is as old as time and even older than man and from time immemorial the ancient Chinese have mastered the use of herbs in treating malady, diseases and illnesses and ensuring a healthier life for themselves.

Greenlife Herbal tea can take care of the following:

  • Reduce the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and malady
  • Prevent Dental cavities since you don’t add sugar to it except of course you are sneaking the sugar in when you shouldn’t.
  • Prevents kidney stones and cancer
  • Improves bone density and cognitive functions.
A Miraculous Healthy Daily Drink For Good Health.

A Miraculous Healthy Daily Drink For Good Health.

It is also a good remedy for:

  • Weight loss management – helps you lose the weight in a healthier way.
  • It prevents Obesity and overweight
  • By helping you reduce sugar, it prevents diabetes and other sugar related malady and diseases.
  • Removes oil from your meals like butter and cooking oil, converts it into soluble safer options.
  • Gives a warm protection for your stomach/tummy.
  • An energizing, rejuvenating and refreshing drink for daily use.
  • It prevents diarrhea
  • It is anti-aging
  • It is anti-cancer
  • It is ant-lipid
  • It prevents, regulates and stabilizes erratic blood pressure
  • A holistic internal purifier, detoxifier and cleanser
  • Cleanses the intestinal tract and major organs of the body
  • Rapidly clears sore throats and even persistent nagging ones.
  • Clears toxins and heat from the liver, heart, kidney and stomach channels which in most cases is caused by phlegm heat.
  • Amazingly, it enhances optimal sexual performance and experience.
A Miraculous Healthy Daily Drink For Good Health.

A Miraculous Healthy Daily Drink For Good Health.


  • One sachet per day, add water at intervals and drink for the whole day.

Herbs have long been known as the “Magic healers” because they balance the body by adjusting the ph. levels creating smooth and proper functioning of the body, organs, nerves, proper elimination of waste products and toxic materials from the body creating an enabling environment for the total and proper functioning of the entire body and system as a unit.

It is so easy and simple yet its effects are far reaching and amazing.

I believe life is too short not to live it and have the best fun, the same electronic media has also been agog about the harmful effects of sugar consumption and the pictures of the horror are splashed all across our Television and we are almost deafened by the campaigns all over social media and the electronic media.

Most of us has a loved one – family, friends, colleagues or neighbours who are currently battling the effects of sugar and the unwanted extra calories and know the pain they are going through at the moment. What better gift can you give them than to lead them to the light (solution to their problem) so that they can recreate a better life for themselves and they would be forever indebted to you.

You never know what will happen when you help another out of love and see amazing blessings in your own life.

Like I always say, you have absolutely nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain.


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    Am glad you finally did it. Wonderful blog you have here. Godbless you for the good works. Knowing you has completely turn my life around, and made me had something to live for. You are Godsent. Let’s spread the good news and the love. Wish we have more of you, most Hospitals will close down.
    To you it’s not about making money, but sacrifice and making people see the light.
    May the blessings be. Amen.

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