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What You Are Seeking Is Also Seeking You

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What You Are Seeking Is Also Seeking You

April 3, 2019 Counseling Psychology General Health Healing Life-makeover Nutrition and Diet 0

What You Are Seeking Is Also Seeking You

What You Are Seeking Is Also Seeking You

That what you are seeking is also seeking you is a parable I would like to disseminate and make crystal clear


Lots of people go through life pretty much like a zombie, moving about to the rhythm of life: lifeless and clueless. Most even dance to the rhythm of whatever it is that life throws at them not realizing that they can pretty much control what their life becomes and create the kind of life they want.

                                 What Is Life Really All About

Some people don’t even understand what exactly we are meant to do or achieve in this life, they move through life in the same dreary uninspiring fashion just living and surviving without a clue to what life is really all about.

Others are born and raised to believe life is a passing phase and you put in your time managing to survive and live life and when your time is up you die, leave the world and go somewhere else. Its either Heaven or Hell; your call according to how you have lived your life.

Yet others believe that life is a joy to behold and its such fun and happiness and live their life in joyful expectation knowing that there is a divine plan for their lives and even a greater one for why they are here.

            What You Seek Also Seek You Too

People desire a lot in life:

  1. Great Health
  2. Wealth/Riches
  3. Abundance
  4. Great Life
  5. Good Mate
  6. Happy Life
  7. Prosperity

The list goes on and on and on and for a lot of people the list is endless.

They go through life expecting and expecting and expecting!

They never realize that all their desire is right there beside them waiting for them to reach out and grab a hold of it and bring it into existence in their lives. 

        What You Are Seeking Is Also Seeking You

    What You Truly Seek Is Right There With You.

They miss out on the great opportunities because they failed to grasp these opportunities and the endless blessings and abundance around them rather they await others to do what they can do for themselves.

In order to manifest all the desires you have however great, many or mighty they might be you would first have to take responsibility for the state of affairs in your life and put thing right back to other.

You Have To Take Responsibility For Your Life

Most people believe that they are the victim of life that other people are responsible for what’s happening to them and should be held responsible and liable for their state of affairs.

Children and adolescents easily come to mind when most of them blame their parents for problem in their lives and citizens also blame the government for failed states and problems in the country.

Others see the opportunity to make money off other people, organizations, businesses and the corporate community over assumed errors for things happening or had happened to them.

They go to court seeking justice and suing others for their aggrieved negligence and error.

The law courts don’t help as they happily proffer such cases to redress aggrieved parties when they should know better.

The rest of the world see a drama unfolding and tap into it:

  1. You can get away with anything once you know how to get the law courts on your side and use emotions as “weapon of mass destruction” to dupe people and have your way.
  2. Nobody wants to be responsible for things happening in their life as a result of their own making but would rather pass it off on someone else.
  3. People use lies and deceit to get their way and some even go as far as to use force and intimidate others.

           How It All Ties Up

Yet people wonder why their lives are filled with chaos and problems and why in many cases their heart desires don’t come to them no matter how hard they try.

They forget that the law of attraction is a formidable force and true to the end.

You cannot desire happiness and expect others to give it to you without you taking responsibility to bring it into your life and manifesting it as you desire.

When you learn to take responsibility for the way you want to life to be, then the miracles begin and the magic happens.

People begin to wonder what’s up with you and how things go harmoniously in your life and you will then come to see and understand that truly “what you seek also seeks you” but you must become aware and grab the opportunity to manifest it in your life.



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