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The Right Emotions Creates A Balanced Life

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The Right Emotions Creates A Balanced Life

May 14, 2018 Counseling Psychology General Health Healing Life-makeover 0

The Right Emotions Creates A Balanced Life

The Right Emotions Creates A Balanced Life as can be seen in a lot of healthy and vibrant people who are not only happy and successful but also living the good life. They simply exude a vibration of joy and happiness, love and gratitude and there is also a good vibe around these people making you want to be around them always.

In this state of mind and emotion, nothing seems to weigh them down and they are at their feet happy, contented and vibrant. Whether they have everything they desire or not they are simply too happy living in the moment (in the now) and this vibration seems to go out into the world and create whatever they desire.

The Right Emotions Creates A Balanced Life

According to the English Dictionary, life is explained as follows:

  • A characteristic state or mode of living
  • The experience of being alive; the course of human events and activities
  • The course of existence of an individual; the actions and events that occur in living.
  • The condition of living or the state of being alive
  • The period during which something is functional (as between birth and death)
  • An account of the series of events making up a person’s life.

All of the above definitely explains the phenomena called life and to live a balanced life means creating the right conditions to put you at equilibrium state in your life where you are at oneness with your core being and with the rest of the world.

Why the emotions?

This is a great question as (emotion) is the foundation of life (existence) itself.

The Right Emotions Creates A Balanced Life where you feel you can handle whatever life throws at you because you understand that life has its seasons:

  • Time to plant
  • Time to weed
  • To to harvest

And in order to create a balanced life, you have to have the right attitude and emotions no matter the season you may find yourself at the moment knowing that the universe or the divine spirit is the source of all life.

The Right Emotions Creates A Balanced Life

According to Paul Twitchell –

Those who are unable to let spirit take over their lives and handle it for them in the best way possible, are living under the illusion of fear (which is actually a powerful emotion so much so that many people are not aware of its existence in their lives).

They live under the illusion of this fear, anxiety and distrust because they will not surrender to the great force of lifedivine spirit and do not trust it enough to let the spirit take over their lives and manage it for their own good and for the good of the world.

This group of people does not believe in miracles even when these miracles happen around them and even to them (the biggest miracle to me the author is the blessing and grace of waking up every day being given yet another opportunity to be alive and ever so grateful for that)

The Right Emotions Creates A Balanced Life

These people don’t believe in miracles even though greater miracles take place in this day than before, look all around you and attest to this.

Today, more and more people are becoming acquainted with the laws of divine spirit and are dwelling therein and recognizing that the spirit of God is in each person and all people irrespective of race, colour or religion.

What you need then to live a balanced life;

  • A strong desire
  • A banishing of doubts
  • Infusion of strong faith
  • A control of thought
  • Proper direction of thought
  • Willingness to live a disciplined well balanced life
  • No matter what happens, be unaffected by setbacks

Once you realize that spirit or what most people know and refer to as the universe is love and seeks only to manifest love in your heart because you are love (whether you realize it or not), then you know that spirit has been, always been and will always be love. At this point you can relax and lets things manifest in your life.

The Right Emotions Creates A Balanced Life

How can it be otherwise?

What can you do otherwise?

Most people have been in this way:

  • Cured of incurable diseases
  • Overcome worse conditions
  • Overcome crazy circumstances
  • Lifted themselves into the condition they desire

They achieved all these through illumination and great understanding of this great and glorious fact stated above.

“Know you not that you are a temple of God and that the spirit dwelleth within you?

The Right Emotions Creates A Balanced Life

This is the greatest truth, the truth of all truth in this universe and throughout the kingdom of God. Let your mind dwell on this and eventually you will come into the understanding of the love of spirit – pure and proper.

However, you must have the faith of the mustard, the seed of faith to bring forth what you want and desire and must be in action for it to come to fruition (to come to pass) in your life.

Remember, the law of attraction (one of the laws of divine spirit or the universe) states that “what you think about, you will attract whether it’s good or bad”, the spirit gives according to the desires of our hearts (whatever they may be).

The Right Emotions Creates A Balanced Life

If you are joyful and happy then that’s what you will attract

If you are sad and unhappy then that’s what you will attract

If you are happy and grateful for wealth believing that it has been granted to you then that’s what you will attract.

So, if you want a balanced life then attract it with the right emotions and you will get it, just like the universal law of God – “Like attracts like”.


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