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Life Makeover

Health, love and life makeover






Makeover section basically means ‘a life makeover’.

For most people in the world today and at this moment, what they had projected their lives to be and the desires/goals for life and the future isn’t what it is and is really a far cry from what they truly want and desire it to be.

Everyone has things they desire to change about themselves and their lives or both at the same time. They do not know how to go about it or the right tools and skill required nor an effective way to do so. They feel stuck and unable to change or make the right choices necessary to bring the desired change into their lives

“Longing or wishing for a better life or situation will not achieve anything but a step in the right direction is the way and Franc Herbal and Makeover will steer you in the right direction to achieving your goals and desires easily.”

“A step in the right direction is worth 100 years of thinking about it”

Harv Ecker

Our services are designed to:

  1. Help you discover your real self
  2. Discover valuable insights
  3. Discover new possibilities
  4. Helps you to make best choices in daily living and in life

All the above together lead to a great and happy life, with rich experiences and highest ideals/ethics.

We also do the following:

  1. Support and empower you at all times
  2. Open up your mind to see possibilities of a great future with unlimited outcomes

Our counseling sessions are eye opening, divinely inspired, life altering and nurturing times.

They are helpful for the following:

  1. Anger and anger management
  2. Emotional stability
  3. Feeling stuck in life (unable to move forward in life ‘stuck’)
  4. Depression
  5. Anxiety
  6. Stress and associated problems
  7. Heart and associated problems
  8. Trauma and associated problems
  9. Abuse and associated problems
  10. Unhealthy attachments
  11. Acute and chronic diseases and malady
  12. Mental instability
  13. Financial incapacity and limitations ‘feeling sick and broke all the time’
  14. Confusion ‘feeling lost, helplessness and hopelessness and just stuck in the world you don’t understand at all’
  15. Relationship break-up
  16. Marriage break-up
  17. Career
  18. Loneliness
  19. Eating disorder and loss of weight
  20. Obesity and weight problems
  21. Guilt
  22. Grief
  23. Addictions of all kinds
  24. Worry, bitterness, resentment, deep fear and a host of others.

We pinpoint the exact source of your issues, problems, diseases and malady with your active participation and help you restore balance and inner harmony leading to the achievement of your life’s desires and ultimately to a happy and fulfilling life.

Our tests reveal what is going on on in your body as the mind uses the body symptoms as leverage to send a message about what is happening in your ‘world’.  Your subconscious mind controls the body’s actions, motivations, thoughts and desires.

When you read the signs and symptoms correctly as we do over here at Franc Herbal and Makeover, you get the answers to correct the malady and “our diagnosis and analysis” accurately tells us what you need to achieve balance.

During our diagnosis and analysis, we discover your core emotional triggers and what is responsible for that within your body

Our counseling and therapy help you dissolve these invincible blocks/energies by accepting it and then releasing it and letting it go leading to a rich life of balance, harmony and joy as you find these and peace finally within yourself and the problems all gone.

We also help you stay:

  1. Enlightened
  2. Relaxed
  3. Comfortable
  4. In control of yourself and your life
  5. Emotionally uplifted

Our sessions are profound and life changing, no two sessions are the same. The results are instantaneous and truly amazing.

The changes ‘if and when you are true to yourself’ are rapid and quite profound for some while for others it may be subtle and on-going and you are amazed at the changes within yourself and in your life.

Your life changes drastically within weeks and most times days as long as our protocols are duly followed and observed.

The negative habits formed by the emotions gives ways as the energy level changes and the habit drops away effortlessly. But if you are resistant to opening up your space to let it all out and connecting with your inner core “being” to find peace love, freedom and happiness then it will be a futile effort.

Opening up and connecting to your core being helps release these habits/problems especially those that are deep rooted in the emotions and hard to let go of and as such would require follow up sessions but in the end it all falls away and you experience joy and freedom. These are found in cases of abuse, trauma deep rooted in the psych especially from childhood issues which created fear and resistance to love and freedom.

Remember, it is always best to work through your emotions instead of repressing them or suppressing them. Let it out and get it over it and eventually over it. If not it would lead to depression and emotional breakdown.


With the successful completion of our empowerment programs, a brand new person appears – a new you.

It shows up in how you think and how you look at yourself and view yourself.

How you view life and the circumstances around you.

Your orientation will be different from before.

You now see life as opportunity ground to make success out of your life no matter the situation.

Problems become stepping ground to greatness.

Steps in transformation

Transformation involves makeover which has the following steps:

  1. Proper diet
  2. Proper exercise
  3. Sound mental health
  4. Hair care
  5. Skin care
  6. Beauty
  7. Fashion and style

When all these steps/processes are combined in the right way, the result is a new. Different, confident, matured YOU. You are now ready to take charge of your life and take the next step to greatness.

Come in for a chat and let’s get you thoroughly checked out!

You have absolutely nothing to lose but a whole lot to gain!





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