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How To Move Ahead Healthily

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How To Move Ahead Healthily

January 29, 2018 Counseling Psychology General Health Life-makeover Nutrition and Diet 0


How To Move Ahead Healthily How To Move Ahead Healthily

To move ahead healthily is for people especially many who have suffered and survived serious health challenges and conditions like cancer, hepatitis, pneumonia and a host of others because they were determined to survive, they are ready for whatever it takes and are ready and willing to face the required changes in their diet and lifestyle

It is important to remember that for a healthy state of the human body, a person must be balanced mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally.

How To Move Ahead Healthily How To Move Ahead Healthily

Why Food Is Important:

Food is only considered where physical health is concerned, whereas both food and drinks can cause mental and emotional imbalances that cause disorders thereby leading to serious health condition.

This is in line with the fact that food and drinks influences the vibration of the blood and eventually the body.

They can change the composition and natural setting and cause a mis-match; they give rise to the mental and emotional state of man.

 The vibration of the blood which is the energy flow at a specific sequence with the influence of food and drinks on it should not be taken mildly but rather contemplated upon as a significant aspect of man’s survival.

A healthy body is one where all conditions are met and it is free of microbes and other unhealthy conditions that would have made the body to malfunction.

This is required in order to move ahead healthily.

An unhealthy state is one where all conditions haven’t been met thereby the body is malfunctioning.

How To Move Ahead Healthily How To Move Ahead Healthily

Medicine on the other hand is simply whatever is taken either orally or otherwise to bring the body back into a state of equilibrium and remove the condition causing the malfunction.

In the true state of things, everything ingested is either poison or nutrition for the body; we are therefore responsible for how the body functions.

Be that as it may be, it is wise to see food then as a healthy substances ingested to help tune the body and keep it running perfectly. It can be solid or liquid.

It is therefore imperative to give to the body only that which has the highest ideal and benefit for it in order to move ahead healthily.

This includes the following:

  1. Fruits
  2. Vegetable
  3. Clean Water
  4. Whole grain crops like cereals, oats, wheat, maize, legumes like protein.

Not only will you be giving your body the best for its daily nutrition but you will also be indirectly giving it medication to also correct imbalances as and when they occur.

Remember, the body heals itself whenever a malfunction occurs because that is how it was designed by the creator.

Follow the guidelines above and you will definitely move ahead healthily.


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