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Fashion and Style Like Siamese Twins

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Fashion and Style Like Siamese Twins

August 1, 2017 General Health Life-makeover 0
Fashion and style like Siamese twins

Fashion and style like Siamese twins

Fashion and Style Like Siamese Twins

Fashion and style are everywhere you go starring at you in the face, everyone is wearing the latest fashion in clothes, accessories, gadgets and the likes. Whether it fits them, suits them or their lifestyle is another different story and this is where a lot of people go wrong or get it wrong with fashion.

So many people don’t understand that fashion and style are like Siamese twins and one works with the other and vice versa to bring harmony to your general appearance and make you look stylish and well put together.

You don’t get it?

Ok, let me explain better:

Fashion and Style Like Siamese Twins

Fashion and Style Like Siamese Twins

Street Style Fashion – The Good

Have you walked down the street and taken a moment to generally observe people as they walk past you going about their business. Do you check them out to see how coordinated they look with their general appearance – I bet you do or better still – you just did.

Have you noticed that some people looks so cool and stylish and blended that everything they are wearing from the shoes on their feet to the accessories on their necks and face or vice versa depending on where you are starting your observation from – the head or the legs.

Back to our discussion, these people have got it right and by just looking at them, you like what you see and observe a proper blend of clothes and body to produce a visual that is harmonious and good to see.

Street Style Fasion – The Bad and the Ugly

On the other hand, have you also observed others and the first thing that comes to your mind is “What the hell” You wonder if they took the time to check themselves in the mirror before leaving the house even for a second. Some make you shake your head unconsciously because its so mismatched that you can’t help yourself .

This is just fashion and style on the street.

To make fashion and style work together you must make them Siamese twin to bring harmony into your outfits and your general appearance.

Fashion and Style Like Siamese Twins

Fashion and Style Like Siamese Twins

Wearing the latest in fashion doesn’t make you stylish or fashionable, what makes for style is a proper and correct blend of fashion with your general appearance and pulling it off effortlessly.

Like the famous fashion icon Coco Channel once said

“Elegance does not consist of the clothes you wear”

It takes more than clothes to be elegant and stylish, the secret therefore is in taking fashion and interpreting it perfectly with your personality and style persona and bringing out the person you want the world to see you are and viola – you are born.

Do you want to know how to harmonize fashion with your personality and style persona to bring out your brand?

Come in for a chat and we will help you pull it off effortlessly and you will be amazed at the transformation.


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