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May 7, 2017 Counseling Psychology General Health Healing 3

Simple Process To Rid Your Body Of Unwanted Waste

You Get To See What’s In Your Body



You Get To Know What’s Working For You And What’s Making You Unhealthy

The Best Life Detox

Detoxification is a process that is key to the sustainability of the healthy status of the body. With all the different things – food, drinks and the likes we consume of a daily basis, it’s no wonder our body needs a system overhaul from time to time.

Since we hardly understand what’s happening in our bodies from the moment we injest food to the point of excretion, how then can we comprehend the entire process and what the body goes through.



The body is a great piece of art! It is a wonder to behold! From the crown of the head to the soles of our feet. It is a great machine that has to be maintained to function properly. From the millions and millions of cells and tissues to the organs and the systems comprising one giant network.

Our daily intake is to sustain the normal functioning of the body, give us energy to move about and for the cells to reproduce, die and reproduce again.

Yes! Life is an ongoing process even in the body and it’s a universal commandment of God that must be obeyed by all living things including our cells.

In Nigeria, we are exposed mainly to carbohydrates and fats and less to protein, fruits and vegetables. Yet it’s the later that help to replace worn out body cells and parts and produce hormones that digest food and for the overall proper functioning of the entire human body.

To help the body run smoothly and function at optimal capacity, we need to get rid of waste and other harmful food from the body through detoxification.

We can also rid our bodies of sweet and other components that have one way or the other not been removed from the body by elimination of waste by detoxification.

Sometimes debris from body cells and components parts are also eliminated from the body via detoxification. This process cleans the entire body system making it function at optimal level and removing waste and materials toxic to the body. And that hasn’t been removed by the normal elimination of waste by the body.


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