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Counseling Psychology

Health, love and life makeover

Evaluation Psychology:

Keeping balance and focus through the power of positive thinking, faith and an unshakable belief in oneself and his maker is crucial to any success or progress in life.

Importance of no worry, no stress is vital to the normal functioning of the entire human body. We are the product of our environment and conditionings.

Mental exercises like Meditation, Contemplation and Yoga keep you tuned in and relaxed keeping the body finely tuned.

Exercise Therapy:

Exercise is a key component of healthy living, sound health and wellness.

At Franc Herbal and Makeover, we take exercise seriously.

We encourage our clients/patients to inculcate exercise into their daily life routine.

 Exercise helps to keep their bodies fine-tuned and running at maximum capacity all day and all year round.

The benefits are astounding.

They range from simple exercises like sit-ups and lifting small weight dumb bells to advanced ones like weight lifting. From the aerobics, cardio to complex exercises all according to body capacity.

Nature Therapy:

Nature is the wonderland all around us, availing us numerous gifts to help us live a healthier and wonderful life. The best therapy is found in nature.



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