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The Amazing Health Benefits of Cabbage

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The Amazing Health Benefits of Cabbage

March 3, 2018 Counseling Psychology General Health Healing Nutrition and Diet 0

The Amazing Health Benefits of Cabbage The Amazing Health Benefits of Cabbage

The amazing benefits of cabbage are all around us as nature has blessed us abundantly with this amazing plant. Cabbage is one of the best food for protection for the body.

Cabbage is very common and can be found all around us and it needs no description. It used to be an imported vegetable years ago but it has been successfully grown locally and can be found more readily now.

The Amazing Health Benefits of Cabbage The Amazing Health Benefits of Cabbage

Where It Can Be Found:

It can be found in most vegetable stalls in all markets and supermarkets as it is an attractive ball-shaped (round) vegetable. It can also be found in fruits and vegetable markets the world all over and is available most year round. 

What Can Cabbage Be Used For:

The amazing benefits of cabbage is shown by the Germans believe that it is a cure that has immense effects and it is mentioned in a variety of old herbals for a variety of therapeutic uses,  Modern research is confirming the effect of the use of cabbage as food and medicine.

Mr. W. Rhinds author of “A history of the vegetable kingdom” (1868), wrote “that cabbage is effective in preventing vitamin C deficiency problems especially on long sea travels.

The author had cabbage on his voyage for this purpose and got good results. He compared the result to that of lemon juice which is another great one.

In 1953, a research paper report revealed that cabbage juice and the concentrate contain large amounts vitamin C which has protective ability in the walls of the stomach and duodenum from ulceration – (ulcer formation).


It contains lactic acid that aids the production of the normal micro-flora that protects the colon from microbes and other pathogens that cause malady and diseases.

Many people know what a cabbage is and see it all around and also that it is utilized in salad as a vegetable but what they do not know is the amazing health benefits of cabbage.

A cabbage is much more than the vegetable used in salad and other food, it can be used for a variety of purposes which are:


  • It is a natural antibiotic that disinfects the human system
  • It is a very good natural remedy for the prevention and treatment of peptic ulcer
  • It is a great accompaniment for foods like rice, yam, potatoes, stews and soups and a great dish for dessert.
  • The extracted juice is great for the treatment of stomach and duodenal ulcers. A lot of people only know they have ulcer and don’t even know the type of ulcer it is. It’s a good thing to find out which it is.
  • The juice of cabbage can balance ovulation in females
  • The juice is good for treating, soothing and healing the following:
  1. Burns,
  2. Ulcers and ulcer wounds,
  3. Skin diseases
  4. Boils
  5. Wounds (all types)
  • It can also aid the normal functioning of the bowel (bowel movement)

The Amazing Health Benefits of Cabbage The Amazing Health Benefits of Cabbage

Scientific Find:

In 1961, researchers reported of discovering the amazing benefits of cabbage in a common amino-acid in cabbage which they used with good result in the treatment of alcoholism.

What It Can Do:

The outer leaves of cabbage are rich in calcium, iron, vitamins and minerals. Add garlic to reduce the gas formation of cabbage when eaten raw.

Cardiac patients should eat steamed cabbage more than raw cabbage because of its gas formation or cabbage juice.

Peptic ulcer patients should take a glass of cabbage juice first thing in the morning on an empty stomach for a few weeks. Its healing ability to heal the ulcer will be felt a few weeks later. “It is anti-cancer”.

I would like to conclude with a simple cabbage health drink:


The Amazing Health Benefits of Cabbage The Amazing Health Benefits of Cabbage


  1. ½ of a normal sized cabbage
  2. 4 – 5 carrots
  3. 1 lemon


Put all the ingredients in a blender, add water and blend until smooth.

Drink as desired

This is a great food for the maintenance of good health and vitality.

As can be seen from above, the amazing health benefits of cabbage cannot be overemphasized.

To maintain great health and vitality and in addition age gracefully, it is wise to adopt the following changes:

  1. Dietary changes and adjustments
  2. Regular exercise
  3. Life style changes


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