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Aging Gracefully And Living A Life Of Balance

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Aging Gracefully And Living A Life Of Balance

May 11, 2018 Counseling Psychology General Health 2

Aging gracefully and living a life of balance

Aging gracefully and living a life of balance is something a lot of people truly desire and most even do too without realizing it (though within their heart of hearts). It simply means taking in the right food and supplements that nourish the body, aid metabolism, digestion and excretion and has the body functioning at optimal capacity throughout life.

“You cannot stop the changes of time, but you can modify your lifestyle and activity as you age, and it is good to know that help is available to maintain the efficiency of your healing system.”

 — Dr. Andrew Weil

Aging gracefully and living a life of balance

Health, finance and lifestyle choices can enhance the quality of an individual’s later years and create a life in balance. But he has to make the right choices in order to achieve such as the wrong ones bring problems, chaos, malady and diseases.

How To Manage Financial Issues:

Aging gracefully and living a life of balance creates well-being in later life especially when you become too old to work or put the body through stress or much stress again. A life of good income and assets is of critical importance to aging gracefully later in life.

Experts estimate that retirees will need on average, 70 percent of their pre-retirement income, and lower earners will need about 90 percent or more to maintain their standard of living when they stop working.

How well you understand your options for spending and managing money and how well you have planned it out will be critical factors in determining your financial well-being as you grow older especially during retirement.

Aging gracefully and living a life of balance

How To Manage Money:

A lot of people go through life spending money like it’s their last day or there will be no tomorrow and believing that tomorrow will magically take care of itself without their being responsible for making their future what it should be or making sure that they age gracefully and live a life of balance.

I am here to tell you that the responsibility lies squarely in your laps and it’s on you to plan ahead and create a good life and future for yourself.

Are you a spendthrift – it’s time to learn how to manage money and save for the rainy day because there will be rainy days.

Are you goody two shoes spending on others but not on yourself – it’s time to take care of you so that your body will take care of you and you will age gracefully and live in balance.

Are you a balanced person who spends wisely and saves for the future – you are well on your way to aging gracefully and living a life of balance so kudos – keep it up!

Aging gracefully and living a life of balance

It’s all about knowing:

  • How to spend
  • When to spend

It’s not about showing your money or gold or assets, it’s about making the right call on money and assets and how to spend wisely.

How To Manage your health:

Aging gracefully and living a life of balance means a lot of people who eat anyhow and anything while young, believing it’s all in the game or that they are having the time of their lives need to have a rethink. If not the next thing they know one health issue or problem after another keeps showing up in their lives and too many times they do not understand the role they play in their own problems.

To age gracefully and live a life of balance, you must make the right call especially when it concerns what you put into your body because that determines how your body runs and your general state of health in the long run.

Aging gracefully and living a life of balance


  1. Balanced diet is compulsory and a must and involves the following classes of food:
  • Carbohydrate
  • Protein
  • Fat and oil
  • Minerals
  • Vitamins
  • Trace elements
  • Fiber
  • Water
  1. Exercise which helps to keep the body running in optimal capacity by aiding the following processes:
  • Digestion
  • Metabolism and absorption
  • Detoxification
  • Excretion of waste materials
  • Blood flow
  • Ph balance

“Life is in constant flux and anything stagnant is dead”

Hence you have to keep the body in motion to keep the following alive and active:

  • Cells
  • Tissues
  • Organs
  • Blood Vessels

           “We are as old as our enzymes”

Aging gracefully and living a life of balance

How To Manage Lifestyle choices:

Aging gracefully and living a life of balance means we are held responsible for all our choices as we go through life and the result is the condition or state of our health and aging gracefully and living a life of balance means that we have made the right choices in life and our health and vitality is boosted and we feel at “oneness” with nature and all life.

This correlates to choosing to:

  • Have a great diet with natural food, fruits and vegetables
  • Exercise to keep the body running at optimal capacity
  • Life style choices that aid the body’s growth and processes

There are certain lifestyle choices that are detriment and in the long run only produce malady, diseases and health conditions. They do not allow you to age gracefully and live a life of balance and they include the following:

  • Alcohol – this health hazard dulls the senses and weakens the human body
  • Tobacco – another health hazard that destroys the body making you age drastically
  • Medications that people give themselves (self-medication) without recourse to the health implication/side effects of such. They are usually not prescribed by a doctor.
  • Bad/Negative emotions – people don’t understand that a particular state of emotion when ascribed to for so long becomes themselves and ultimately causes diseases and malady. It’s better to have good emotions that allow you to be happy and see the beauty of life.
  • Synthetic/Processed food – a lot of people crave sugar like it’s their life without understanding its addictive nature and the effect on the body which actually degrades the body. This is same for others like butter, oils, too much baked food, sugary drinks and a host of others.                                                        

“Everything is good in moderation”

I believe in being fair so it’s great to balance your intake of synthetic food so that its effect is checkmated after all a lot of these food is made from carbohydrates which the body requires for energy, proteins for body repairs, decay, regeneration and excess is converted to energy and fats for body flesh and energy.

In all when you learn to take responsibility for your life and future and you choose to live a happy life filled with love and gratitude, eating healthily and not forgetting exercise then be prepared to age gracefully and live a life of balance.




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